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Please, read the Sun-Net Internet service membership rules before applying.

Please, check the contract conditions before applying.

Enter the necessary information and click on "Confirm"
※For more information about monthly fees or initial cost, please take a look at our pamphlet or contact us. 

◇How to find MAC address⇒

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入力例)e.g. University name, residence name and room number

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【※】MAC address (WiFi address)[※Device name(iPhone/Android/Win10/MacBook/etc.)・※Wired/Wireless・※12degits address] ◇How to find⇒ (direct link is up above) *

入力例)e.g. Windows10 Wired 12:34:56:ab:cd:ef ※If you do not enter the MAC address you will not be able to connect to the Internet. If you do not have any device yet, let us know the MAC addresses as soon as you can.

Contract starting month *
Contract ending month ※If you wish to rent the router, the minimum period is 1 month, if you wish to purchase it then it is 24 months. *
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Optional services

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I accept the terms of contract and agree with Sun-Net personal information protection policy. If you agree with our privacy policy, please check the button and click on “Send application”

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