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Please, check the Sun-Net contract conditions before applying.

Enter the required information and click the "Confirm" button.
※There is an initial cost of 2,400 yen (tax not included) when applying for Sun-Net Mobile.
※The shipping cost is 694 yen (tax not included)
※The device will be shipped as soon as the payment is confirmed.


Are you already a Sun-Net customer? *

Full name *
Furigana *
Gender *

Birthdate *


Nationality *
Address ※Please, do NOT forget the building name and room number. *
Phone number
Email address *
Email address (confirmation) *
Delivery address (if different than written above)
郵便番号 -
Personal ID *
Desired plan *

Contract starting month *
Contract ending month (if you wish to rent the device, the minimum period is 1 month, if you wish to purchase it then it is 24 months) *
Payment method *

Contract agreement *

About personal information *

I accept the terms of contract and agree with Sun-Net personal information protection policy. If you agree with our privacy policy, please check the button and click on “Send application”

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