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Be careful, don't mistake this application form with the DATA SIM card one.

Please, enter the necessary information and click on "Confirm"
※There is a 3,500 yen (tax not included) initial cost.
※The shipping cost is 200 yen (tax not included)
※The SIM card will be shipped after the credit card payment is confirmed.


Are you already a Sun-Net customer? *

Full name (as shown on your residence card) *
Furigana *
Gender *

Birthdate *
Nationality *
Address ※Please, write the building name and room number. *
Phone number
Email address *
Email address (confirmation) *
Delivery address (if different than the written above)
郵便番号 -
A photo of the front side of your Residence card (a mobile photo is okay) *
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Desired plan *

Contract starting month *
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About personal information and contract conditions *

I accept the terms of contract and agree with Sun-Net personal information protection policy. If you agree with our privacy policy, please check the button and click on “Send application”

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